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Ivory, Pale pink, Burgundy, Camel and Navy blue pram shoes, all £32.00

It’s no secret that Spain has a long history of excellence in footwear - it is of course the country that gave us Manolo Blahnik. Yet while you may not have heard of places such as Elda or Elche, chances are you might have a pair of shoes from there in your own wardrobe.

Originally small farming communities, these towns near Alicante in south-eastern Spain have been producing high-quality footwear since the late 19th century. A decline in the local farming industry around that time, provided an opportunity for farmers to diversify into new ventures that used traditional skills and craftsmanship, while still using local products.

Before long apprentices from all over Spain were attracted to the region and by the end of the 19th century, a number of factories sprung up to cope with the demand for these quality shoes. By the 1960s, Spain’s focus on excellence in footwear and leather goods was internationally recognised. A recognition that is still very much evident today.

At LUCA & LUCA, we’re proud to produce all of our footwear from this beautiful region of Spain. For our t-bars, Mary-Jane’s and pram shoes we use high quality Spanish nappa leather for its breathability, and smooth, supple touch – ideal for little feet. Our suede boots also use leather from the region and our velvet shoes are lovingly made there too.

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