We admit it, we have a way to go to become an even more sustainable brand. As an SME or to be more specific, a micro business, we may be small, but with as many as 95% of businesses in the UK classified as micro businesses, the choices we make collectively can create a huge impact.

In committing to a more sustainable future, we are pleased to fully endorse the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals. Created in 2015 by five million people around the world and adopted by 192 countries, they are a universally accepted blueprint for a better world. We feel we can make the largest contribution to goals 8 (decent work and economic growth), 12 (responsible consumption and production) and 13 (climate action).

The fashion industry is, arguably, one of the largest ‘culprits’ of being unsustainable. We strive to do our best though realise there is certainly more we can do. We wanted to share some things we are doing already as we continue on our sustainability journey:

We produce all of our clothing in Spain, and only with small, independent and family run suppliers.

The children’s clothing industry is a key part of Spain’s heritage. We respect this by ensuring our clothing is made responsibly. Doing this helps to creates local employment opportunities in the small towns and villages our producers are based in. Our items are hand-made in limited edition quantities using traditional methods and techniques, helping to ensure the continued promotion of Spanish craftsmanship around the world, and we are very proud to support this.

We deliver responsibly.

We do realise however, that shipping our clothing globally contributes to carbon emissions. To lessen our impact, we distribute with DPD and DHL, and support their commitments to make every parcel they deliver for us carbon neutral. Read more about ‘DrivingChange’ DPD’s sustainability programme and DHL's goal to be the pioneer of green logistics. 

Our clothing is made to last.

Buying clothing for children can be tricky as they grow so fast. That’s why we’re supporters of ‘slow style’, rather than ‘fast fashion.’ We believe our items are timeless and can be passed down through generations. With care and gentle washing, we hope that many of our pieces can be worn by siblings, friends or other family members for many years to come. We’d encourage you to read this blog on caring for your clothes from Eco Age (Livia Firth’s company that certifies brands for their sustainability credentials).

We limit plastic usage.

We use a minimal amount of plastic (on our clothing tags), and are working towards becoming zero plastic within the next twelve months. To ensure our items arrive undamaged and in the best possible condition we package every item in untreated ecological cardboard, using recycled and recyclable polythene mailbags.

We encourage mend, reuse and recycle.

A little rip or tear is usual, especially when children are involved. When this happens, it doesn’t mean you have to throw the item away. 

We choose our fabrics carefully.

We are at pains to find the best and most sustainable fabrics for children’s clothing. Can even the most organic of cotton be sustainable if rainforest has been cleared to grow it? No clothing purchase is ideal for the environment, so we try our utmost to be sustainable while using the best materials for baby and child.

That’s why we use everything from Pima cotton, and cotton blends to Dralon acrylic. Our Pima cotton is from Peru (it’s extremely rare, making up only 2% of the world’s cotton and considered the world’s finest) and handpicked, which helps retain the integrity of the cotton fibre, meaning less waste is produced. Dralon acrylic is worse for the environment yet it is highly non-allergenic and so highly recommended for the delicate skin of little ones. It’s also antibacterial and provides more warmth than cotton, therefore requiring fewer layers. What’s important is that we are conscious of the fabrics we use and strive to learn more about how we can lessen our impact on the planet.

We'd love to hear from you!

We hope you enjoyed reading this, and we would love to hear more about your experiences, queries and concerns in ensuring the products you buy are the best for your little ones as well as sustainable. Contact us as info@lucaandluca.com if you’d like to get in touch.