'We are inspired by attention to detail and timeless elegance with modern patterns and fabrics that look elegant but not old-fashioned.'

LUCA & LUCA is a UK-based Spanish children’s clothing brand that celebrates the first special moments and little steps that every child takes. We use the finest materials and age-old techniques to create beautiful hand-crafted clothing that is durable, timeless and elegant. We are proud to produce all of our items in Spain working closely with small family-run suppliers. Through our clothing, we want to share the joy of childhood with you and ensure the little ones that you care about, look and feel great. 

Luca and Luca in younger days

'Luca' and 'Luca' (pictured above) are two very important and inspirational people and the driving force behind our name. They are my mother and my aunt (pictured above). They have called each other by this nickname ever since they were little girls growing up in northern Spain. Although one now lives in the UK, they still speak every day and are about as close as two sisters could be.

I founded LUCA & LUCA to celebrate the happy times that are childhood and the innocence of those first special moments that every child enjoys - just as my mother and my aunt afforded me. Through our high-quality products, we want to be witnesses to those precious times that all babies and children are part of. 

We hope you enjoy our products!

Angélica Martínez 
Founder & Director