Beautiful moments for families in need

Image: Little Village

It’s going to be harder than ever for families to make Christmas special this year. It will be especially hard for families dealing with challenging circumstances like homelessness, unemployment, low wages and domestic violence.

Our goal at LUCA & LUCA is to share the joy of childhood through our clothing, and be small part of the first special moments and little steps that every child takes, regardless of their situation or circumstance.

This year, we’re privileged to be in a position to start offering some support to our local communities. From 1 December, £1.00GBP from each purchase will be donated to Little Village - a London-based charity which works directly with local families who are struggling. They operate like a foodbank, though instead of offering groceries, provide clothes, toys and equipment for babies and children up to the age of 5.

Since its launch in 2016, Little Village has grown to be one of the largest ‘baby banks’ in the UK. It has supported over 8,000 visits from families across London and saw nearly 3,000 children in 2019. Since lockdown in March 2020, it’s seen a 66% rise in demand for its services and has supported nearly 1,300 families.

To ensure the very littlest ones are supported this Christmas, we’re pleased to be donating unsold knitwear from previous collections, to children aged from newborn to 4 years.  

Give the gift of giving

If you’d like to lend your support to Little Village, you can. Their seasonal campaign, Merry Little Christmas, aims to light up 1,000 children’s faces by enabling their parents buy the gifts that really matter to them. After all, no-one knows what a child wants most, more than their parents. 

You can purchase gift vouchers for Little Village to beautifully wrap and distribute to struggling families across London via their Christmas shop. Every voucher has the power to transform one family’s Christmas, and with vouchers ranging from £5 - £100, there’s a voucher for every budget.