What makes Pima cotton so special?

Often known as the 'king of cotton', Pima cotton is a type of extra-long staple cotton. 'Extra-long' means that each of the individual fibres that make up the cotton bud are at least one to three inches in length. This longer fibre length means that fewer fibre ends are exposed on the surface which creates a silkier, smoother and stronger material that resists piling and holds its shape and lustre much longer.

At LUCA & LUCA, we choose 100% Pima cotton for our newborn babygrow and bodysuit range and source it from Peru, where it has been cultivated for centuries, if not millennia. It’s known locally there as ‘gamuza’ which is Spanish for ‘suede’ on account of its incredible softness. It’s breathable, comfortable and extremely kind on delicate skin.

While most of the world’s Pima cotton is grown in Peru, some is cultivated in parts California, Texas and Arizona in the United States – where it is known under the brand Supima cotton. We believe Peruvian Pima to be superior as it is picked entirely by hand, which leads to fewer imperfections and a silkier finish. It’s also better for the environment and results in pure white fibres that take incredibly well to dyes.